#23 (FI, Part 1 of 2): Sundeep Kapur: Redefining the Future of Payments—A Perspective

Part 1 of this 2-part webcast series: “Driving change, consumer expectations, and the evolving payments ecosystem”

Today’s consumer has an abundance of choices in who they transact with and how they transact. The freedom of choice fueled by competition and technology is driving dramatic change in the payments ecosystem. The way the consumer interacts, transacts and pays is being completely redefined. Now, more than ever, financial intuitions need to have a plan for the future and know the correct levers to pull to stay in the game.

#22 (FI): Rob Casterline, Worldpay: Card Management Just Got Smarter

Meet and learn about our product expert, Rob as he gives an update on Worldpay’s product integration plans. Rob will cover how we continue to simplify our clients lives by ongoing product integration solutions that cut down on your staff’s time and frees you to run your business.

# 20 (IP): Colin Igoe, CDM, Worldpay

*Special for IP Partners

Meet Colin Igoe.  He’s a CDM, Channel Development Manager for Worldpay.  Recently in our partner hub, Advantage Crew, we asked our partners to nominate someone, anyone, who they’d like to have featured in an upcoming podcast.  Colin was nominated and after reading all of the other praises that partners have shared about him, the deal was sealed.

We learned a lot about Colin beyond his professional outlook behind his commitment to seeing his partners succeed; we also learned about his past as a Division 1 Lacrosse player, some hurdles in life that he’s overcome, the great advice he received from his father, and his number one must-read book.

A special thank you to Colin for his time, and to Ashley Huff, the partner who recommended this interview!  Enjoy!

#19 (IP, SMB) Peter Shenk, Womply

*Special for IP Partners and Merchants


Today, even brick-and-mortar companies need to win the Internet. Womply tips the scales in your favor by making technology work for you (not the other way around) so you can save time every day and focus on the things only you can do.

Walker Thompson, Worldpay Leader, Program Strategy, and Peter Shenk, Womply, discuss some of the hidden benefits that come with automating and simplifying customer relationships, and an excellent summary of how Bizshield and Insights are giving SMBs enterprise-level marketing support.

#18 (General Interest) Michael Basch, Founding Officer, FedEx

Michael Basch was a founding officer of FedEx, where he spent 10 years as Senior Vice President. He was part of the explosively creative management team that took Fed Ex from 0 to $1 billion, as it built a company cited by Fortune as one of the decade’s most well-managed companies. Basch led the teams that invented Fedex’s bar code tracing system, built its SuperHub, and founded the FedEx Logistics Division. Before joining FedEx, Basch spent eight years with UPS in Sales, Personnel, Operations, and Industrial Engineering. After leaving FedEx, he founded and served as President of Service Impact, a firm specializing in advancing the art, science, and practice of leadership. He is currently Chief Information Officer at Enalasys Corporation, a company based in Calexico, CA that develops advanced energy management system solutions that enable governments and utilities to manage energy usage in homes and small businesses. We hope you enjoy a more personal interview with one of the most inventive thinkers behind FedEx.

#17 (IP): Wendy Schofield, Mobilepay

*Special for IP Partners

In our first partner podcast, we feature Wendy Schofield, CEO of Mobile Pay.  In this podcast, we discuss a broad spectrum of Wendy’s story, from how MobilePay was born following a vacation where she experienced an epiphany… to how she utilizes a power morning routine and diet to stay on top of the demands of running your own business.  Wendy made for a fantastic first partner spotlight.

#16 (IP): Testing and Validation – Nathan Sweaney

*Special for IP Partners

Vantiv Senior Leader of Channel Marketing, Mark Heisten, joins Nathan Sweaney, a senior security consultant with Secure Ideas to discuss testing and validation relating to payments security.